Dental sedation services for nervous patients in Watford

At Adrian Mullish Dental Care, we have put a great deal of thought into making sure our patients feel safe and relaxed during dental treatment. Our procedures are all carried out by caring and considerate professionals who place a strong emphasis on pain-free treatment.

When our considerate approach isn’t enough, we offer dental sedation to patients who are feeling very nervous or anxious about going ahead with treatment.

Oral sedation involves medicine that help you relax (a sedative). As the name would suggest, you stay conscious throughout so you are able to communicate and stay in control of the treatment being undertaken but it greatly reduces any fear or anxiety.

For patients requiring something more than light oral sedation, we also offer intravenous sedation given by a consultant anaesthetist.

Treating dental anxiety with compassion

  • Warm and welcoming team that is respectful of your needs
  • Strong emphasis on pain-free procedures
  • Distract yourself with a movie during treatment
  • Book a free consultation and to get familiar with our practice
  • Have treatment under conscious sedation if you suffer severe dental anxiety