Relieve pain with root canal treatment in Watford

There is nothing better than what nature provided, which is why wherever possible we will always try to save a tooth rather than extract it – even when the centre nerve of the tooth has become infected and the tooth has developed an abscess.

Endodontic or root canal treatment is a treatment to prevent the tooth from having to be extracted.

As well as treating our own patients, Dr Mullish Adrian Mullish Dental Care accepts root canal referrals from other dentists for patients requiring complex endodontics, and he has operated an Endodontic Referral Practice for almost 20 years.

We understand that root canal treatment can strike fear into many people but our gentle dentists will quickly and effectively alleviate your pain – and aim to save your tooth.

  • Nervous patients’ needs are prioritised
  • We aim to save your natural teeth
  • We use the latest technology to ensure treatment is fast, accurate and gentle
  • Feel reassured in our safe and caring environment