Solutions to relieve anxiety in nervous patients in Watford

Do you suffer with dental anxiety? Sit back and relax in the safe hands of our caring and experienced team.

A trip to the dentist can be extremely stressful – if not terrifying – for some patients, causing them to put off necessary treatment or miss important appointments. Fortunately, we are aware of the needs of nervous and even dental phobic patients. We can help you manage your anxiety.

At Adrian Mullish Dental Care in Watford, we have extensive experience of working with nervous patients. We are committed to providing ‘pain-free’ dentistry and offer several levels of dental sedation. In addition, we use the Wand® which is a leading computer-controlled injection system. There are facilities in each surgery for you to listen to music. Occasionally, patients even fall asleep during their treatment, thanks to the calm atmosphere and pain free techniques we use.

If you are worried about any aspect of your dental care or treatment, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss how we can manage your care. We have worked successfully with a large number of nervous patients.