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Dentures in Watford

Individually crafted dentures for a natural and comfortable fit

There is no substitute for your own teeth for both appearance and function, and making dentures that perform as well as natural teeth is one of the most difficult challenges of modern dentistry. Ill-fitting dentures that are loose or painful can be most debilitating and a cause of lost confidence in social situations.

At Adrian Mullish Dental Care in Watford we have seen firsthand how well-fitted dentures can restore appearance and functionality, and dramatically improve confidence and self-esteem.

Adrian uses several denture systems to provide patients with the widest range of solutions and budgets. One system we favour is the Ivoclar Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS), which enables us to create bespoke dentures of outstanding quality. We individually craft these dentures to provide a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing fit that is ideal for patients with an active lifestyle.

For patients suffering from loose dentures, these can be made much firmer by the use of dental implants to make an implant-stabilised denture.

Key features of dentures

  • Denture solutions to suit every budget
  • Natural-looking dentures that don’t give anything away
  • Skilled technicians who craft realistic-looking dentures
  • Expertise to provide a fixed solution with implant-supported dentures


  • What are the benefits of cosmetic dentures?
    Dentures where the teeth are too white, too uniform and too perfectly spaced are an instant giveaway. Advances in denture design mean we can now offer more realistic teeth, to include tooth shades that mimic your original teeth for a natural-looking result. On top of the aesthetic benefits, having dentures custom fitted can resolve issues with eating and speech that may arise from an unwelcome gap.
  • Can I remove my denture?
    Whilst you may initially need to wear dentures at all times, it is typically recommended to remove when sleeping, which will allow your gums to rest. You can also remove implant-retained dentures.
  • How should I maintain my dentures?
    Dentures should be maintained in a similar fashion to your natural teeth, with regular brushing after meals. If removed, ensure that they are kept moist to avoid them drying out or changing shape – we recommend placing them in a glass of water or a suitable overnight cleaning solution.
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