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Are Dental Implants The Best Solution To Missing Teeth?

With summer around the corner, we all prepare for holidays and look forward to spending time with our loved ones in the sun. But if you’re living with tooth loss, it can make you hesitant to socialise or have your picture taken. When you’ve lost teeth, due to infection, an accident or breakage it can be uncomfortable. It can also make us feel less confident. Do you find yourself taking measures to hide your smile in social situations? Don’t feel that you have to accept the discomfort and pain that tooth loss can inflict.

At Adrian Mullish Dental Care in Watford, we have over 80 years of collective experience in dentistry, and pride ourselves on the incredible results we can offer our patients with our cutting-edge technology and expertise. Mullish studied dental implants at Harvard University in 2006 and has since transformed the smiles and lives of hundreds of patients – would dental implants be the best solution for your missing teeth?

What Are Dental Implants?

missing-teethDental implants are a well-established solution to tooth loss, and the procedure has been in practice by dentists for over 40 years. Each implant at Adrian Mullish Dental Care is designed with a screw made from titanium, that joins to the jaw bone to replace the root of the deficient tooth. As implants are connected to the patient’s jaw, they provide a dependable and robust foundation for artificial teeth. Our dental implants are carefully designed to look natural and undetectable.

Dentures and dental bridges are integrated directly to implants; creating a more natural feel than traditional bridges and dentures. This massively reduces issues with speech, eating and increases durability. Loose dentures can also be restored with dental implants. Even the most expertly executed dentures can become loose over time, but with dental implants, denture wearers feel at ease.

Here at Adrian Mullish, we utilise the Biocon system to avoid the need for a complex bone graft, that is generally used with most implant procedures. We recognise the importance of investing in technology, training and techniques of our practice members to ensure our customers get the best possible service.

What Can Dental Implants Help With?

eldery-lady-smilingWhen you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth have to evolve to cope with the increased stress from chewing. This can make patients vulnerable to further cracking, misalignment and infection. A good example of dental stress that tooth loss can inflict is, when patients with back tooth loss, adjust their bite by only chewing on one side; thus, causing jaw and bone muscles to weaken one side. The jaw is kept healthy and durable through exercise, similar to the rest of the body. When we neglect the jaw, even in only one section, inner bone and connective tissue become fragile.

Implants work as a duplicate to natural teeth, and restores the tender balance of a patient’s dental structure. Therefore, it is important to act promptly to keep dental structure and hygiene intact. The more time left before contacting a qualified dentist after tooth loss, the more damage and complications could develop.

Are you looking to get your smile back? Do you want to start living life to the full again? Contact our amazing team here at Adrian Mullish, Watford. Our friendly and highly-skilled team will happily provide you with any additional information about our dental implant treatments.

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